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Monkeys & Synths…Voltfestivalen Festival Viral Video

Monkeys & Synths…. So even a monkey can make dance music? Maybe not…. A ncie viral ad for the Voltfestivalen electronic music and arts festival.

Monkeys + Synthesizers is a project where 6 different spieces of monkeys (and some others) were given different synthesizers. Do monkeys like music and do they enjoy creating music?

Humans is the only species on earth that actually compose music. Most birds and some mammals make beautiful sounds, but primarily to scare others away — or to get laid. The project explores if other primates can make music.

In the 60s, the Chimpanzee Congo became famous when he painted abstract paintings that got pretty good reviews by art critics. He had a distinct style in some sort of abstract expressionistic tradition. He liked red a lot but didn’t he like blue. Today, some of his paintings are worth up to 20.000 €.

Since the synthesizers was invented, the musicians have been asked “Is this really making music? You just press a button and out comes music, right?” Well… you do press buttons, twist knobs and faders, but there are endless ways of doing this. That is why the synthesizer probably is the greatest musical instrument in history. A great example of human ingenuity and engineering — something that makes us different from the monkeys.
Dwarf Monkey (Callithrix pygmaea)
Habitat: The Upper Amazonas. Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, north Bolivia and west Brazil.
Length: 13 cm, tail 19 cm.
Weight: 120 — 150 g
Age: 5-10 years.
Diet: Tree gum, fruit, insects and spiders.
World’s smallest monkey
Bleeptronic 5000 (
64 LED button matrix synthesizer.
Origin: USA
Weight: 400 g
Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm.
Production year: 2010

Lion tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia rosalia)
Habitat: Close to river Sao Joao and in the Poco d´Anta nature reserve, south west of Rio de Janeiro.
Length: 34-40 cm, tail 26-38 cm
Weight: 630-710 g
Age: Up to 20 years
Diet: Fruit, flowers, insects, frogs, lizards and bird’s eggs.
One of world’s most rare monkeys.
TR-909 (Roland Corporation)
Analog, partially sample based drum machine
Origin: Japan
Dimensions: 48 x 10 x 30 cm
Weight: 4500 g
Production year: 1984

Hamadryas Baboon (Papio Hamadryas)
Habitat: North east Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.
Length: Max 76 cm, tail max 61 cm
Weight: Female 10-13 kg, male 17-25 kg.
Age: Up to 35 years
Diet: Grass, roots, fruit, seeds, insects, lizards and sometimes small mammals
Their red ass make them look sexy and also serves as a pillow
Casiotone CT-360 (Casio)
Incredibly crappy digital synthesizer
Origin: Japan
Dimensions: 59 x 24 x 9 cm
Weight: 4.2 kg
Production year: 1987

Ring Tailed Lemur (Lemur Catta)
Habitat: South west Madagaskar.
Length: 50 cm
Age: 25-30 years
Diet: 70% fruit, 30% leafs
Yamaha DX7 (Yamaha)
16 voice FM Digital Synthesizer
Origin: Japan
Dimensions: 101 x 10 x 33 cm
Weight: 14500 g
Production year: 1983
6 sine wave operators per voice, 32 Algorithms

Suricate (Suricata suricatta)
Habitat: Semi-deserts in southern Africa.
Length: 25 cm.
Weight: 900 g
Age: 10-15 years.
Diet: Insects, lizards, scorpions, small birds, eggs, rodents and other small mammals.
Suricates can survive bites from poisonous scorpions and snakes that would kill a human.
Mirage EPS16 (Ensonic)
Sampler Workstation
Origin: USA
Dimensions: 102 x 11 x 31 cm
Weight: 13000 g
Production year: 1988
8 note polyphonic, 8 bit, 32 khz sample rate, analog filters

Two-toed Sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni)
Habitat: Central America from Nicaragua and south to Venezuela, north east Brazil and nothern Peru.
Length: 58-70 cm.
Weight: 4-12 kg.
Age: 12 years, (up to 30 years in zoo).
Diet: Leaves, sprouts and fruit.
Sloths have the lowest and most varied body temperature of all mammals. It varies between 24° and 33°.
Yamaha SHS-10 (Yamaha)
Keytar FM synthesizer
Origin: Japan
Dimensions: 67 x 28 x 6 cm
Weight: 3.4 kg
Production year: 1987

Camera operators: Andreas Tilliander, Mats Almegård and Johan Östman. Concept by Håkan Lidbo.
Thanks to Bosse Johnsson and Jonas Wahlström at Skansenakvariet, Jörgen Berggren at Berggren Media, Jon Nensén and Daniel Sällstedt.

Voltfestivalen — The place to go to experience the best new electronic music and art
Skansenakvariet — The place to go to experience unique wildlife in Stockholm

UMF Poland 13th & 14th July

UMF electronic music festival makes its European debut.

UMF Miami 2010

July 13th and 14th 2012 in Warsaw, Poland

Day 1 – July 13

Steve Angello B2B Sebastian Ingrosso
Martin Solveig | Alesso | Hardwell | Nicky Romero
Cazzette | R3hab | Bass Jackers

CARL COX & Friends
Richie Hawtin | John Digweed
UMEK | Art Department | Nicole Moudaber | Yousef

Day 2 – July 14

Laidback Luke | Benny Benassi | Knife Party
Sidney Samson | AN21 & Max Vangeli | Third Party | Beltek

CARL COX & Friends
Sven Väth | Adam Beyer
Magda | Cristian Varela | Jon Rundell

plus many more TBA.

Tickets at:

UMF has finally arrived in Europe and UMF Poland has announced the preliminary lineup for this massive event on July 13th and 14th in Warsaw, Poland. This year over 200,000 music lovers from just about every EDM sub-genre made the pilgrimage to this epic music festival in Miami.

UMF Miami 2010 Daytime

UMF goes Warsaw: The two-day UMF Poland event will be located at the Hippodrome, an easily accessible racetrack that offers twice the space than the Bayfront Park, where UMF Miami was held in March of this year. A popular concert venue, the Hippodrome has also played host to Poland’s biggest concerts. Mikael Karlsson of UMF Poland says that picking Warsaw was a no-brainer: “Warsaw is one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan cities in the heart of Europe. From a value for your money
perspective it also wins hands down. Nearly all major airlines fly here at a very low price and it’s easily accessible to European clubbers by train or car. I expect we’ll be seeing some major UMF caravans on the European motorways this July.” Thanks to strategic partnerships organized by UMF Poland, festival-goers can opt for a wide choice of lodgings, from budget hotels to international hotel brands offering up to a 60% discount to UMF visitors.

UMF Poland sees this festival as a launchpad for a yearly European event that will ace the summer festival season. “We are totally dedicated to delivering the same level of excellence that our audience has come to expect from UMF Miami. A massive lineup, surprise guests, an unbeatable party atmosphere and spectacular stages and scenes,” says Karlsson. Discounted early bird tickets are already on sale at the UMF Poland website and given that all 165,000 UMF Miami tickets sold out at record speed, clubbers are advised to secure their tickets asap. The world’s premier electronic music festival is an amazing opportunity to experience the power and energy of dance music’s finest DJs as well as dancing alongside fellow clubbers from around the world. UMF Poland is organized by the same company behind UMF Miami, rated the Best Music Event the past 6 years by the jury at the International Dance Music Awards.

Berghain resident Ben Klock Interview

Berghain resident & Ostgut Ton producer Ben Klock Interviewed about history, collaborations, performance and how the Ostgut Ton label got started.

Orbital Wonky Album Review

A fantastic return which will appeal to middle-aged ravers and fresher ears alike.

It would seem that with their Star Trek-sampling track Time Becomes, from their self-titled LP of 1993 – “…where time becomes a loop,” repeats actor Michael Dorn – Orbital were already seeing into the future of a perpetual forever, locked into a pattern of repetition.

ORBITAL Wonky Review

Now, nearly 20 years on from the ‘brown album’, nearly all of what passed for pop culture back then is with us again now. Yet a new album from Orbital wasn’t a guarantee for 2012 – Phil and Paul would only enter the studio again, after a five-year hiatus from 2004, if their efforts were worthwhile. But public reaction to the pair’s 2009 live comeback confirmed they’d been much missed. As one of the first proper dance acts to transcend the rave scene and grow into festival headliners, some time before the likes of Leftfield and The Prodigy followed similar paths, Orbital’s audience has been sizeable for some time. Crucially, it’s also remained committed – and that loyalty has been rewarded with a set possessed by a new vigour, more spectacular than it perhaps has any right to be.

Wonky is loosely based around the concept of a journey. Phil and Paul actually drew a map of how they wanted the album to progress, with opener One Big Moment the sound of re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere, announcing their arrival, leading to Straight Sun’s establishing beat that sets a defining tone. Distractions, with its burbling acid backing and mucked-about-with vocals, calls to mind moments from the ‘brown album’ era, as does the amazing Stringy Acid – although the latter is based on an old tune they found when rifling through early tapes. Elsewhere, Beezledub is the sound of Skrillex being hunted down by dubstep wolves; Zola Jesus screeches a bit of nu-gothery over New France; and the title-track gives Brummie MC Lady Leshurr the opportunity to have at it like a domestic Minaj, with just the right amount of builds to send a crowd into convulsions of pleasure.

Nobody would expect an eighth album by a band 20-plus years into its career to sound this fantastic, but time away has obviously helped re-energise the brothers into crafting this triumphantly grand return. It will leave middle-aged ravers ecstatic, and should allow a new generation to understand what their folks have been banging on about all these years.

Ian Wade 2012-03-28 via BBC Music

Sonar Barcellona Announces New Acts and Attractions

New Order, Die Antwoord, James Murphy, The 2 Bears, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Untold, Daniel Miller, DJ Harvey and Daedelus are among the many new additions to Sónar 2012 Barcelona.

New Order, one of the most influential British bands in the history of music, will be headlining Sónar by Night on Saturday 16 June. New Order is undoubtedly one of the key names in the history of music and one of the most influential bands of recent decades. The Manchester outfit pioneered the use and assimilation of the language of electronic dance music in a pop context after the end of Joy Division, and succeeded in creating a style all their own. Innovative and highly respected by the critics, as well as being massively successful, New Order have been responsible for an extensive catalogue of hits as timeless as “Blue Monday”, “Bizarre Love Triangle”, “True Faith”, “The Perfect Kiss,” “Regret” and “Fine Time,” among many others.

South Africa’s Die Antwoord has been also added to Sonar 2012, returning to the festival after their triumphant concert last year to present the excellent new “Ten$ion”. Other additions include the wisdom of James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) on the decks on Friday the 15th at Sonar by Night; danceable electronica with a pop sensitivity from Britain’s Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs; The 2 Bears, the new house project by Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) and Raf Lundell; the highly respected dj Untold, a mainstay of British bass music; the session by Daniel Miller, the founder of Mute and a living legend of new wave; the up and coming Barcelona kraut-pop duo Pegasvs; and the colourful show of mirrors by the American beatmaker Daedelus.

Besides those mentioned above, the festival will also feature Cornelius presenting the band salyu x salyu, the Brazilian experimentalist Ricardo Donoso, the Canadian remixers Keys N Krates, unusual musical-scientific ideas from Japan’s Masaki Batoh, the mysterious 5-piece band performing under the Mostly Robot monicker (in a show conceived by Native Instruments), and some of the most interesting outfits currently working in Spain, such as Lenticular Clouds, Lolo & Sosaku, D.Forma and Esperit!, among many others.

Red Bull Music Academy comes back to the SonarDôme stage with another stellar selection of Academy affiliates, introducing fresh new sounds from around the globe. Performers on the programme include the legend that is Dj Harvey, Chicago footwork pioneers Dj Spinn and Dj Rashad, as well as recent Academy graduates Nguzunguzu, Canblaster, Barcelona’s own Nehuen, future R&B crooner Jesse Boykins III and Doc Daneeka, among many others. More artists will be announced soon.

SonarPro is the Sónar platform where you can watch, experience and find out about the major new developments in the field of technology applied to art. At Sónar 2012 in Barcelona, SonarPro assumes a new dimension and expands its activities to other areas of the festival. Among the contents of this latest version of SonarPro are the second Music Hack Day, the talk with the director of the new film by The Chemical Brothers, and the Meet the Expert activity, with main speakers such as international programmers of music festivals. You can also follow Sonarpro in Twitter @SonarPro2012

All Sónar 2012 tickets are now on sale: Sónar Passes, 2-Night Tickets, individual tickets for Sonar by Day and Sónar by Night and SonarPro Professional Accreditations. Also remember that on Saturday March 31 sees the end of the offer to purchase the 3-Day Sónar Pass in two easy installments.

All the information on Sónar 2012 is available at and on the official pages of Facebook (Sonar Festival Official Page, Sonar Festival Página Oficial en Español) and Twitter (@sonarfestival #sonar2012).

Sónar 2012 Barcelona: Latest additions

New Order (UK)
Die Antwoord (ZA)
James Murphy (US)
Daedelus Archimedes Show (US)
Cornelius presents salyu x salyu (JP)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (UK)
The 2 Bears (UK)
Daniel Miller (UK)
Pegasvs (ES)
Pretty Lights (US)
Lolo & Sosaku (ES)
Ricardo Donoso (BR)
Masaki Batoh – Brain Pulse Music (JP)
Mostly Robot (DE)
Keys N Krates (CA)
Madeon (FR)
Esperit! (ES)
Discodromo (IT)
D.Forma (ES)
Lenticular Clouds (ES)
Stand Up Against Heart Crime (ES)
Untold (UK)
Sinjin Hawke Vs. Zora Jones (ES)

Red Bull Music Academy presents SonarDôme
DJ Harvey (US)
DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad (US)
Nguzunguzu (US)
Club Cheval feat. Canblaster, Myd, Panteros 666 & Sam Tiba (FR)
Doc Daneeka (UK)
xxxy (UK)
Jesse Boykins III (US)
Om Unit (UK)
Nehuen (ES)
Andrea Balency (MX)
Salva (US)
Raisa K (UK)
Nightwave (UK)
Yosi Horikawa (JP)
Santiago Latorre (ES)
Sizarr (DE)
Exeter (CA)
Clip! (ES)
Eltron John (PL)
Monki Valley (ES)

Sonar São Paulo Line-up

Björk (IS)
Cee-Lo Green (US)
Justice (FR)
Chromeo (CA)
Mogwai (UK)
James Blake (UK)
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto (DE – JP)
Squarepusher (Uk)
Modeselektor (De)
Jeff Mills (US)
Gui Boratto (BR)
Skream feat. Sgt Pokes (UK)
Four Tet (UK)
Little Dragon (SE)
Hudson Mohawke (UK)
Dj Marky Vs Dj Patife (BR)
Seth Troxler (US)
Criolo (BR)
Emicida (BR)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (UK)
Muti Randolph & Clara Sverner (BR)
Austra (CA)
John Talabot (ES)
Munchi (NL)
Super Guachin (AR)
Za! (ES)
The Twelves (BR)
Ricardo Donoso (BR)
Bruno Belluomini (BR)
Nedu Lopes (BR)
M Takara X Akin (BR)
Psilosamples (BR)
Gang Do Eletro (BR)
Silva (BR)
Dago (BR)
Tahira (BR)
Thomash (BR)

Red Bull Music Academy Presents
Flying Lotus (US)
James Holden (UK)
Rustie (UK)
Cut Chemist (US)
Tiger & Woods (EU)
James Pants (US)
Mauricio Fleury (BR)
Zegon (BR)
Pazes (BR)

SonarSound Tokyo Line-up

Squarepusher (UK)
Clark (UK)
Ken Ishii presents Metropolitan Harmonic Formulas (JP)
The Cinematic Orchestra (UK)
Vincent Gallo (US)
Mount Kimbie (UK)
Rustie (UK)
Anchor Song (JP)
Ukawanimation presents XXX Residents (JP)
Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP)
Dorian Concept (AUT)
Kyoka (JP)
Ao Inoue (JP)
Mergrim (JP)
Seiho + Avec Avec (JP)
Jealousguy (JP)
Keiichiro Shibuya + Takashi Ikegami (JP)
Masaki Batoh (JP)
Bun / Fumitake Tamura × takcom (JP)
Dub-Russell x Vokoi (JP)
Oorutaichi (JP)
Nightwave (UK)
Broken Haze (JP)
Typingmonckeys (JP)
Fugenn & The White Elephants (JP)

Red Bull Music Academy presents SonarDôme
Global Communication (UK)
Hudson Mohawke (UK)
Culoe De Song (ZA)
Teebs (US)
Jesse Boykins III (US)
Daisuke Tanabe (JP)
Yosi Horikawa (JP)
Kez YM (JP)
sauce81 (JP)
Akiko Kiyama (JP)
Hiroaki Oba (JP)

Première screening
Amon Tobin “ISAM Live”
“The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales Live With Orchestra”

Party (Shinji Kawamura × Kanta Shimizu)

Andy Garo and an old Groovebox

Came across this from you tube user AndyGaro1 while looking for gear tutorials. It just goes to show you don’t need a studio to make banging techno tracks, just an old groovebox and some goddamn talent. Pop by and give the man a thumsb up.

Solipsism Live @ The Black Sparrow

Frind of the site Solipsism drops a new live album for your listening pleasure.

Solipsism live at the Black Sparrow in Glasgow on 08/03/2012.

This is a “Name your price” release. So, if you wish to download it for free, please click “buy now” and then enter 0 in the amount field.


1. Supraliminal
2. Ergonomica
3. Cauldron
4. Subterranean Fiction
5. Planes of Existence
6. Binary Systematic
7. Habitual Hybrids
8. Eyrie

by Solipsism

Mouse on Mars Slices Interview New Album and Studio Work

Excellent interview with left field techno and elctronica pioneers Mouse on Mars.

New Orbital album due in April plus UK Tour Dates

New orbital album ‘Wonky’ due in April this is their first album for eight years since 2004’s ‘Blue Album’ The album was recorded in Brighton and mixed by Depeche Mode/U2 producer Flood.

I’ve got to say this track does remind me of listening to Orbital while travelling along motorways like this one on the way to free raves and techno nights in Birmingham like the House of God and Atomic Jam at Que Club what a time. This track brings me back to those halcyon days. Thank you orbital for some of the best nights of my life.

Tour Dates April 2012
Thu 5th Apr Manchester Academy
Fri 6th Apr O2 Academy Leeds
Sat 7th Apr O2 ABC Glasgow (ABC1 & ABC2)
Sun 8th Apr O2 Academy Liverpool
Mon 9th Apr Cambridge Corn Exchange
Tue 10th Apr Royal Albert Hall (RAH) London

Full Details of the upcoming April 2012 UK/Europe mini tour are available at the official orbital site

TKCD Acid Trax Mixtape 2012

Fresh but Oldschool, TKCD has nicely contributed a great mix of classic and new school acid mayhem for 2012.

If you like your 303 tracks raw and aggressive you need to check this mix out.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


TKCD Acid Trax 2012 Cassette Cover

Track List
01. TKCD – Acid : Phosphoric (In Stereophonic Sound! Mix)
02. Jan Driver – Army Of Mowers (TKCD’s Unoriginal Remix)
03. Chris Moss Acid – Together 101 (TKCD’s Tweaked a bit Remix)
04. TKCD – Acid : Nitric (In Stereophonic Sound! Mix)
05. Dopplereffekt – Master Organism
06. Ben Sims – Barrow Boy Acid
06. TKCD – Acid : Carbonic (Anti-Loudness War Mix)
07. Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss – Massive Line (TKCD’s Tweaked a bit Remix)

TKCDs new EP is available from his bandcamp site, do check him out and support the acid!

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