Ten Reasons To go to the BLOC Festival (July 6th-7th 2012)

Next weekend, July 6th-7th, BLOC Weekend rolls into town, christening its new venue, the London Pleasure Gardens, with a host of excellent acts. Luke Turner and Rory Gibb present ten reasons why we’re going, and why you should too…

BLOC, the long-running electronic music weekender with a reputation for pulling together mightily impressive and varied line-ups, is set to roll into London town next Friday and Saturday (6th-7th July) for this year’s edition. Its first since leaving the sedate seaside surrounds of Butlin’s Minehead, it finds the party alighting at the newly opened London Pleasure Gardens, right in the heart of the Docklands, for a weekend’s worth of pre-Olympic naughtiness, techno and (as long as he doesn’t get arrested again on the way over) Snoop Dogg.

Over the course of the weekend there’s a pretty dazzling array of people playing, much of which charts high on the Quietus playlist: minimal pioneer Ricardo Villalobos; Brainfeeder boss/cosmic hip-hop producer extraordinaire Flying Lotus; the shadowy duo commonly known as Hype Williams; New York house mystic Levon Vincent; Raster Noton heads Alva Noto and Byetone; and many more besides. For the full list of acts playing, a whole load of multimedia content and tickets, head across to the BLOC site.

Given the sheer daunting size of the line-up, it seems mad (and faintly exhausting) to preview the whole thing in exhaustive detail. Instead, here’s the Quietus’ list of ‘ten reasons why you should go to BLOC’, or ‘ten things to think about/see once you’re there and suitably, erm, refreshed’.


1. What the fuck is Steve Reich going to do?

BLOC’s bold approach to booking their festival is perhaps best exemplified by the presence of Steve Reich – if not God among the modernist composers, then at the very least sat around the top table getting to quaff a fair bit of the sacred wine. His mastery of repetition and swiftly-evolving eddies of sound can be heard in fellow Bloc performers Actress, Ricardo Villalobos or Battles (to name but three), but Reich is more accustomed to venues catering for the sherry-fired concert hall raver than the bizarre and wonderful landscape of this London Docklands setting. As of now, we’re not entirely sure what he’s going to be doing there. Will he bosh an E and get on it to Surgeon after his set? Will the composer and the Bang On A Can All Stars (the ensemble involved with the performance) provide backing for Snoop to freestyle over ‘Different Trains – America – Before The War’? A new, contemporary, musical-world-uniting take on West Coast (Snoop) vs East (Reich)? Said piece does, after all, have a rap over it. “cut trains at New York… New York… from New York to Los Angeles… New York… tooooot!” Hopefully he won’t bring his chums from Radiohead.

2. The Docklands is still a really strange place, and somehow appropriate for a cheeky weekend’s raving

The Quietus recently went on a stroll down the Lea Valley to check out the derelict area of Docklands that BLOC will call home for the weekend. Near to the end of our walk, there was a burnt-out distribution warehouse, with the company logo peeling off its warped metal walls. Spying a gap in the fence, we headed in for a nose around. There were burnt out quad bikes, children’s toys, lawnmowers, weeds everywhere. Then, in the corner, under a piece of the roof that hadn’t collapsed, one of us spied a sofa surrounded by shelves, chairs, the kind of strange dwelling that’ll appear in the windows of your local Mad Max’s Estate Agents after the balloon goes up. And in the sofa sat the figure of a man, asleep. As quietly as possible, we left the compound through the hole in the fence only to find, on the other side, the huge yeti of his mate/lover, carrying two bin bags. He began to holler, and wail, and growl like a terrible beast. As he started to advance, we pegged it.

Despite the developments of recent years (this occurred just yards from one of those identikit Thameside arpartment blocks and the Xcel Exhibition Centre), the Docklands is still a strange hinterland of London. BLOC itself will take place next to the gigantic hulking mass of the derelict Millennium Flour mill, a structure that the property developers have somehow not quite managed to get their greasy paws on yet. With opportunities for the occupation of abandoned buildings for the purposes of listening to repetitive beats now sadly limited in the Capital (and beyond), it’s to the credit of BLOC and the London Pleasure Gardens designers that they’ve managed to use the blank canvas of the Docklands to create this otherworld. I for one am especially looking forward to dancing to the dystopian sounds of Surgeon and Perc in a stage that resembles one of the old golfball radar randomes from Fylingdales on the North Yorkshire Moors circa 1983, and imagining the planes taking off from nearby City Airport are, in fact, Russian Bear bombers thundering overhead to deliver the coup-de-grace to global civilization.

3. Sandwell District

Anyone who’s been paying attention to our dancefloor tastes lately will have noticed that US-via-Birmingham-via-Berlin techno operators Sandwell District are riding high in the Quietus’ affections. The trio – consisting of Function, Regis and Silent Servant – recently terminated their label, closing down that particular arm of their stern campaign against the dancefloors of the world, but their renowned live shows have continued to wage war in person. Those familiar with the output of their label, or their amazing and very limited edition album Feed Forward, will know what to expect: a set of sensual and static-ridden tunnel-vision techno, repetitive, hypnotic and enough to send the entire Docklands populace into an involuntary trance. Something everyone ought to see, and likely to be a highlight of the weekend. And if you need any more convincing, listen to the live recording below.

4. It’s a healthy alternative to the Olympics

Chaos is about to descend on London, for this celebration of a load of dull people running, riding or swimming around in circles and back and forth. Especially given their close proximity, BLOC feels like a pleasing counterpoint, valuing art above this corporate brouhaha dressed up as a celebration of trim and toned ideals of the human form. What’s more, any fool knows the Big Lie of the Olympic Games. While the spectators there will be largely sedentary, stuffing themselves with the nutrionally diverse catering provided by McDonalds and Coca Cola (not to mention the tasty treats proffered by various outlets of the Westfield Shopping Centre on the way in), everyone at Bloc will be getting a thorough work out, sweating and a-gurning at least half an inch off our collective trouser.

5. Raster Noton

One of this year’s most exciting new projects is Diamond Version, a collaboration between Alva Noto, boss of the Berlin-based Raster-Noton label, and Byetone, who designs their ‘look at me, I’ve got a granite kitchen surface’ minimalist record sleeves. Diamond Version sees the pair united to make music that highlights the absurdity of the corporate world, and emerged initially as a live project where the pair ended up collaborating on the fly. If you imagine, then, these two as a tangle of (very expensive) sonic barbed wire, then seeing their respective projects out live individually gives an interesting insight into a blueprint that’s as equally at home in an art gallery as at BLOC.

Byetone deals in a linear, propulsive take on techno best exemplified by ‘Plastic Star’, which he performs in front of a giant screen on which a number counts up, the music carrying you forth in such a way that it is seemingly without end. Noto, on the other hand, takes the fizz and crackle of electronic noise artists like Pan Sonic for a more abrasive approach. His ‘uni acronym’ (2011) accompanied by a Anne-James Chaton monotone recital of corporate initials again as logos flash up as visuals will, again, make for an interesting counter to the Olympics up the Lea Valley. Joining the two label heads will be SND, the Sheffield duo whose stripped back digital funk skirts along the lines between dance and non-dance, offering a view of techno’s inner workings at the level of particle physics, and probably confusing a fair few fried minds along the way.

6. Rave on a 2,451 tonne ex-Communist deep sea fishing boat

The MS Stubnitz, no less, former property of the German Democratic Republic and iron-hulled enough to see off even the most persistent of foes. In recent years, the ship was bought by Swiss-born artist Urs Blaster, who proceeded to turn it into a floating sound & light machine, with two club spaces inside. BLOC, in the pirate tradition, have hijacked the vessel and are floating her up the Thames to the Pleasure Gardens. Anyone who’s spent any time in Bristol will already be familiar with the pleasures of going clubbing on a boat, but let’s be honest, Stubnitz would probably scupper the Thekla in less time than it took to exclaim, ‘She’s unsinkable, sir!’ Oh, and there’s the small matter of the people gracing her metal innards: she’s being turned into a repository for bass-heavy UK sounds, with the likes of Joy Orbison & Jackmaster, Hudson Mohawke, Addison Groove, Bok Bok and Cooly G making appearances, as well as darker and more uncommon fixtures: a rare performance from Gerald Donald’s Arpanet, New York’s Levon Vincent, and Tikiman & Scion. See BLOC’s tour of the Stubnitz below.

Stubnitz at Bloc 2012 from Bloc. on Vimeo.

7. Shackleton

What with Joel ‘We all hit play’ Zimmerman’s assertion that all he does onstage is press a few buttons and let the pretty lights lull everyone into glassy-eyed submission, a fair few acts at BLOC ought to reassure attendees that there’s far more to electronic music live performance than Deadmaus. Chief among them is Sam ‘The end is nigh!’ Shackleton, whose sets are justifiably spoken of in reverent tones. Chopping the arabesque melodies and percussive polyrhythms of his studio tracks right down into their constituent fragments, over an hour or more he rearranges them in real time, creating a constantly shifting backdrop that instils in dancers an ever-escalating feeling of dread. Coming off the back of his massive Music For The Quiet Hour/Drawbar Organ EPs boxset, expect to hear organ figures also twirling away within the fray. He’s also – fans of well-dressed musicians take particular note here – top sartorial value, often playing sets besuited, or in Hawaiian shirts as loud as his music.

8. See Plex go head-to-head with Perc Trax for a techno showdown

Think you’re tough enough for the iron fists Plex and Perc Trax are flexing to unleash upon their unwitting victims? Ali ‘Perc’ Wells’ Perc Trax label has been responsible for some singular techno music over the past two years, with a roster increasingly revealing itself as heir to the industrial techno lineage stretching from Chris Carter through to Regis and Surgeon. So this showdown will allow you to hear those connections for yourself – and throw righteous fists to them – with Surgeon DJing alongside Perc himself, as well as kindred spirits Truss, Cosmin TRG and Lucy. Elsewhere lurk delights wilder still: Monolake, co-creator of revolutionary software Ableton Live and sound designer extraordinaire, and Berlin resident Objekt, crafter of exquisitely detailed and punishing broken techno tracks. And if you’re still standing after all that, then congratulations. Now for God’s sake go and drink some water, you mad fool.

9. Amon Tobin’s ISAM: reportedly one of the most spectacular audio-visual light shows in the world

Ninja Tune’s Amon Tobin will be bringing his mind-boggling audiovisual ISAM show to BLOC, presumably eliciting a rousing moan from the technical staff that have to mantle and dismantle the bloody thing. It’s got cubes in it! (see below) And we’d probably advise you to tread with caution if you’ve been reasonably committed in your fun seeking beforehand, as if previous reports are anything to go by, it’s highly likely your sense of self will swiftly begin to dissolve along with that extra bomb.

Amon Tobin ‘ISAM’ Live (Extended Trailer) from Ninja Tune on Vimeo.

10. Gary Numan

He flies! He sings! He’s GARY FUCKING NUMAN.

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UMF Poland 13th & 14th July

UMF electronic music festival makes its European debut.

UMF Miami 2010

July 13th and 14th 2012 in Warsaw, Poland

Day 1 – July 13

Steve Angello B2B Sebastian Ingrosso
Martin Solveig | Alesso | Hardwell | Nicky Romero
Cazzette | R3hab | Bass Jackers

CARL COX & Friends
Richie Hawtin | John Digweed
UMEK | Art Department | Nicole Moudaber | Yousef

Day 2 – July 14

Laidback Luke | Benny Benassi | Knife Party
Sidney Samson | AN21 & Max Vangeli | Third Party | Beltek

CARL COX & Friends
Sven Väth | Adam Beyer
Magda | Cristian Varela | Jon Rundell

plus many more TBA.

Tickets at:

UMF has finally arrived in Europe and UMF Poland has announced the preliminary lineup for this massive event on July 13th and 14th in Warsaw, Poland. This year over 200,000 music lovers from just about every EDM sub-genre made the pilgrimage to this epic music festival in Miami.

UMF Miami 2010 Daytime

UMF goes Warsaw: The two-day UMF Poland event will be located at the Hippodrome, an easily accessible racetrack that offers twice the space than the Bayfront Park, where UMF Miami was held in March of this year. A popular concert venue, the Hippodrome has also played host to Poland’s biggest concerts. Mikael Karlsson of UMF Poland says that picking Warsaw was a no-brainer: “Warsaw is one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan cities in the heart of Europe. From a value for your money
perspective it also wins hands down. Nearly all major airlines fly here at a very low price and it’s easily accessible to European clubbers by train or car. I expect we’ll be seeing some major UMF caravans on the European motorways this July.” Thanks to strategic partnerships organized by UMF Poland, festival-goers can opt for a wide choice of lodgings, from budget hotels to international hotel brands offering up to a 60% discount to UMF visitors.

UMF Poland sees this festival as a launchpad for a yearly European event that will ace the summer festival season. “We are totally dedicated to delivering the same level of excellence that our audience has come to expect from UMF Miami. A massive lineup, surprise guests, an unbeatable party atmosphere and spectacular stages and scenes,” says Karlsson. Discounted early bird tickets are already on sale at the UMF Poland website and given that all 165,000 UMF Miami tickets sold out at record speed, clubbers are advised to secure their tickets asap. The world’s premier electronic music festival is an amazing opportunity to experience the power and energy of dance music’s finest DJs as well as dancing alongside fellow clubbers from around the world. UMF Poland is organized by the same company behind UMF Miami, rated the Best Music Event the past 6 years by the jury at the International Dance Music Awards.

We Are Electronic present INSTRA:MENTAL @ The Twisted Pepper Dublin

We Are Electronic present

INSTRA:MENTAL[Boddika & Jon Convex] (Nonplus, UK)

Barry Redsettaz (POGO)

The Loft
Sidetracked Live

The Cafe
Quarter Inch Collective

Saturday, 3rd December 2011
The Twisted Pepper/ 54 Middle Abbey St, 1, Dublin

We are Electronic Present Instra:mental


Fact Instra:Mental FACT Mix

Berlin Music Hack Day


A What?

At Music Hack Day Berlin programmers, designers and artists hack on the next generation music of apps for consuming, exploring, creating and manipulating music. In one weekend the participants conceptualize, create and present their projects. Music + software + mobile + hardware + art + the web. Anything goes as long as it’s music related.

When & Where

May 28th – 29th 2011 at MTV Networks in Berlin, Germany


Music Hack Day is free. If you are interested in teaming up with tech & music enthusiasts from all over the world, then sign up! The hacker registration is open from May 2nd to May 9th. The viewer registration for demos-only will open about a week before the event.

Music Hack Day

Sónar Festival is for sale

Sónar Festival is for sale!

No not really, merely the sonar graphics/media teams sense of humour. Sonar is always excellent, If you have the opportunity I strongly advise you to attend.

Short Circuit presents Mute Weekender at Roundhouse London

This looks to be an incredible event for Techno & electronica fans in London. Some great names playing.

Short Circuit presents Mute Weekender

Short Circuit Mute Weekender

13 May 2011 – 14 May 2011 / Roundhouse Main Space




Mute announce brand new additions to the line up for Short Circuit presents Mute festival – 13 + 14 May 2011 – at London’s historic Roundhouse: Martin L. Gore (DJ set), Andy ‘Fletch’ Fletcher (DJ set) and Josh T. Pearson performing an exclusive set of covers of some of his favourite songs by Mute artists join recent additions to the 2 day festival: Richie Hawtin, Moby (DJ set), Maps and Polly Scattergood collaboration, Beth Jeans Houghton and a Dirty Electronics Workshop.
On Friday 13 May, Moby (DJ set) and Richie Hawtin (Minus, Berlin – with visuals by Ali Demirel) join a line up that features rare UK live performances from Recoil (Alan Wilder), Nitzer Ebb, Richard H. Kirk, CARTER TUTTI with Nik Void, NON (Boyd Rice), The Balanescu Quartet and Komputer plus live sets from key German electronic music figures Pole, T. Raumschmiere, Thomas Fehlmann and Thomas Brinkmann. Mute’s founder, Daniel Miller will perform a DJ set.

On Saturday 14 May, Depeche Mode’s Martin L. Gore and Andy ‘Fletch’ Fletcher have confirmed DJ sets, while Josh T. Pearson plays an exclusive set of his favourite songs by Mute artists. These announcements add to a bill that already boasts an exclusive performance by Erasure who will be joined on the night by very special guests. Also performing live will be The Residents, Laibach, Liars plus recent Mute signings Big Deal, S.C.U.M Beth Jeans Houghton and Poppy & The Jezebels. Maps and Polly Scattergood will perform a unique collaboration interpreting each other’s songs whilst Simon Fisher Turner will collaborate with Mira Calix. Also appearing are James Brooks and Peter Gregson plus a special guest performance from Alison Moyet. Other DJs on the night will be Danny Briottet (Renegade Soundwave) and Irmin Schmidt (Can) & Kumo (Jono Podmore) who will play The Sound Of Can – Can Archives Special.

Saturday 14 will also include a program of talks and films, alongside live performances throughout the afternoon. Talks confirmed so far include Stefan Betke (aka Pole) with ‘An Introduction into the science of Mastering’ and veteran producer and long time Mute collaborator Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Erasure and Liars) will talk about his work with the label. Films include the 2009 Mark Stewart documentary ‘On/Off’ and an exclusive Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds film by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard. More to be announced.

A series of installations will be running across the Short Circuit festival. Berlin based synth boutique Schneiders Buero will build a unique carousel where visitors can play with new modular and hardware synths. Flies, Guys and Choirs is an audio/visual installation by Irmin Schmidt & Kumo that will transform the sounds of people within the public space in to the bizarre and beautiful. Felix’s Machines (Felix Thorn) will be exhibiting one of his music making sculptures.
In collaboration with Mute, Dirty Electronics Workshop will design a special analogue electronic instrument for the festival. Young members of the Roundhouse studios will take part in the workshop, each building the instrument then performing it at the Roundhouse. A limited edition of the instrument will be on sale during the Short Circuit festival.

Short Circuit presents Mute is a 2 day incident which will feature performances and unique collaborations from Mute artists past, present and future alongside DJs, talks, workshops, screenings and installations. A celebration of Mute’s unique and influential work as a label and publisher, the occasion will see all of the Roundhouse’s public spaces open together for the first time.

The German electronic label Raster-Noton have confirmed a line up for the opening night of 2011’s Short Circuit – Thursday 12 May – and a specially created sound piece will link the Raster-Noton and Mute events. The Raster-Noton / Mute Sound Halo will consist of sound loops created by artists from both labels and will play overnight from 12 May to link the two events.

The line up for Raster-Noton’s event features the premiere of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto’s new piece, plus performances from Anne James Chaton, Grischa Lichtenberger, Atom TM, Byetone and Mark Fell. Tickets are onsale now.

Sat 14 May – £45 (12pm-12am)
Fri & Sat Weekend Ticket – £75
Limited Premium Ticket – SOLD OUT
Age: 16+

Roundhouse Exclusive Members Bar: Did you know you can get access to an exclusive bar overlooking the Main Space? We’ll also give you a glass of champagne, a Roundhouse bag and souvenir book. Tickets are £20 per person, plus the usual ticket price.

Space is limited and advance booking is recommended, so call now on 0844 482 8008.

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Melt! Festival 2011 Announce New Acts

The Melt! organisation. Today announced several new acts for the 2011 festival in Ferropolis, Germany. White Lies, Digitalism,  Jens “Jence” Moelle and Ismail “Isi” Tüfekci join the Berlin-based Melt! Klub Weekender with squealing synth sounds, brute breaks, and belling bass lines.

This year Modeselektor are curating the Melt! Selektor Stage for two days in a row and the labels Live At Robert Johnson as well as Bpitch Control are taking over Sleepless Floor. There is also the Total Confusion party at Big Wheel and an additional special celebrating the legendary Detroit techno label Planet E with label boss Carl Craig DJing back to back with Radio Slave – joined by label mate Loco Dice.

Many festivalgoers will be pleased to hear about our continuing co-operation with Ostgut Ton, the label which is connected to Berlin’s Berghain like no other. The label’s about to take over Big Wheel Stage for four hours on Sunday – yes, there’s a Sunday at Big Wheel, folks. Melt say they will soon be announcing the Ostgut line-up.

Last but not least, there is a planned small but nice Dial Records homage at Big Wheel on Saturday. The full line-up reads as follows: Lawrence, John Roberts, Pawel & RNDM and Redshape presents Palisade (live).

All newly confirmed acts
Bodi Bill | Brandt Brauer Frick | Carte Blanche | Clock Opera | Console | Carl Craig & Radio Slave B2B | Crystal Fighters | Dial Records pres. Lawrence, John Roberts, Pawel & RNDM, Redshape pres. Palisade (live) | Digitalism (live) | DJ T. | Errors | Everything Everything | Gold Panda | Guy Gerber | Calvin Harris | Housemeister | Junior Boys (live) | Junip | Katy B | Les Savy Fav | Little Dragon | Metronomy | The Naked And Famous | Proxy | SBTRKT (live) | Sizarr (live) | Sizarr Soundsystem | Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs | White Lies

All confirmed acts so far
Âme (live) | Atari Teenage Riot | Bodi Bill | Gui Boratto | Boys Noize | Bpitch @ Sleepless Floor: Ellen Allien, Kiki, Chaim, Skinnerbox | Brandt Brauer Frick | Busy P | Carte Blanche | Clock Opera | Console | Carl Craig & Radio Slave B2B | Crystal Fighters | Cut Copy | DAF | Dial Records pres. Lawrence, John Roberts u. a. | Digitalism (live) | DJ T. | Errors | Everything Everything | Gold Panda | Guy Gerber | Calvin Harris | Housemeister | Isolée | Junior Boys (live) | Junip | Fritz Kalkbrenner | Paul Kalkbrenner | Katy B | Markus Kavka | The Koletzkis | Les Savy Fav | Little Dragon | Live At Robert Johnson @ Sleepless Floor: Roman Flügel, Arto Mwambe, Oliver Hafenbauer, Gerd Janson, Manuel Raven | Loco Dice | M.A.N.D.Y. | Metronomy| Miss Kittin | Modeselektor present Melt! Selektor | Monarchy | The Naked And Famous | Proxy | Pulp | Robyn | SBTRKT (live) | Sizarr (live) | Sizarr Soundsystem | The Streets | Tensnake | Total Confusion B2B2B – Tobias Thomas, Michael Mayer & Superpitcher | Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs | White Lies

3-day tickets are available only at There will be NO 1- or 2-day tickets available for Melt! Festival 2011.

Rhythmatic 3rd Anniversary Secret Shoreditch Location 27th November 2010


Upper floor: Rhythmatic
Marco Carola (M-nus) 4hrs
Stathis Lazarides (Rhythmatic, Cavo Paradiso)

Lower floor: Rhythmatic Intimate Sessions
System of Survival (Circo Loco)
Rossko (Cerca Trova, Found)
Wesley Razzy (Rhythmatic)
Rico Novo (Rhythmatic)

Following a hugely successful Summer Greek tour with Dance Music legend, Carl Cox, London’s international party fiends rise once again to fuel the fires of another burning party.

The Rhythmatic atmosphere is once again ready to be swirled up into a blast of a party at an East London warehouse on November 27th, where the
team, true to Rhythmatic form, have upped the ante yet again with Marco Carola staining the newest batch of Rhythmatic flyers.

Rhythmatic hosts Carola’s first appearance outside of London super-club, Fabric in four years, making this an evening not to be missed! Carola is the most wide-spread artist Rhythmatic have ever brought on board, armed with the best line-up they have ever presented and the famed Rhythmatic ambience of treating all that grace as friends over punters, the team have created a powerful, intimate and overall memorable night.

Rhythmatic 3rd Anniversary

Marco Carola A name tantamount to the ever changing underground sound, he along with other like-minded friends, such as Gaetano Parisio, Random Noize, past Rhythmatic guest Davide Squillace and other Neapolitan clubbers and DJs who were eagerly looking for something new in club music during the 90’s, started the transition towards techno. Hailed now, as Napoli’s first techno producer through his EP ‘Man Train’ which was released on his own Design imprint in 1995, Marco Carola is now firmly established as one of the world’s premier techno DJs. With a vast array of production credits and a whole host of labels under his belt namely Plus 8 and M-Nus, Carola has emerged in the last decade to be one of the globes most influential exponents of quality electronic music.

System of Survival
You will more than likely know the Italian duo best for their ongoing residency with DC10’s legendary Monday morning party, Circo Loco. With a DJ career that spans almost over two decades and has seen them build up a huge reputation through their performances in top clubs, they are one of the first acts to gain a continuing residency with the infamous Ibiza promotion. Over the years, System of Survival have remained committed to their purist notions of what good dance music should be, continuing to create a wall of sound which ignites venues and clubbers around World with sets that can be described as a perfect blend of sounds both old and new. Not just DJ’s the pair put on an enticing show, and when playing together fit like a jigsaw. Whilst one plays a tune, the other cuts in effects, beats, acapella’s and whatever else is going! Making them one of the most interesting techno duos to see play.

Stathis Lazarides
Stathis Lazarides has the musical ethos and mentality of an artist who finds it impossible to compromise with trends. The inability to specify genres when in the studio or the DJ booth, has positioned Lazarides as a true underground soldier to the global house music sound. A true figure of the industry, in the summer you will find him holding the fort that is the legendary Cavo Paradiso Mykonos, where he spends his mid-summer evenings playing alongside Sven Vath, Luciano, Reboot and Matthias Tanzmann to name but a few. Stathis Lazarides is back on UK home soil armed with a new release with fellow Greek Music Man, Alex Celler on the Dutch imprint, Soweso Records; ready to bring more of that international, techno sound to a palatable spread of music and partying.

Sound System – Stealth Array
Stealth Array is a new concept of sound system that provides the highest, studio quality sound at major events. Designed and built by the new British company Flare Audio the system delivers unbelievably clear sound at incredible levels which were previously impossible. The system is a patent pending combination of point source and a horizontal line array, this enables the system to throw studio quality sound to every area of a venue and up to 150 metres away. Officially launched just 3 weeks ago the system is already proving to be a hit amongst the most respected people in the industry.

Tickets: Advance Tickets £10 / £15 / £18 / More on the door

Join the Rhythmatic facebook page

Firelfly October 2010 Featuring Riva Starr & Phil Kieran

Prepare to be amazed and dazzled as the firefly circus rolls into town! Firefly has not one, not two, but three of the worlds finest artists heading to little old Nottingham to rock the Garvey to its foundations…..

Riva Starr Is a name that should be very familiar to anyone with an interest in modern house music. Having shot to the top after a string of head turning releases and remixes on some of the most talked about labels, Riva Starr couldn’t be hotter right now. What’s quite rem…arkable though is how quickly Stefano Miele, aka Riva Starr has been postioned as a one of the world top performers.

Phil Kieran is fresh from smashing Rex Club Paris to bits with his mate scuba this week.  Skyhook is about to drop on Phil Kieran Recordings with Green Velvet, Scuba, Scb, Ricardo Tobar, Adam Beyer and Jesper Dahlback remixes. New Releases coming up on including Snork Enterprises, Electric Deluxe, International DJ Gigolo and of course Cocoon that have just signed a new EP

SCUBA Vs SCB. Paul Rose is one of the most influential figures in the world of electronic music. he’s helped release work from Benga,Shackleton and, of course, Joy Orbison and his RA #1 single of 2009, “Hyph Mngo.” Events-wise, he’s one of the masterminds behind Sub:stance, a night that has brought the likes of MalaD-BridgeScion and Kode9 to Berlin’s Berghain.

So boys and girls, with only just over a week until their first event of their eleventh year, Nottinghams biggest house party – Firefly, is back with a vengeance…..

This is where the firefly season starts boys and girls 😉

Amsterdam Dance Event Sets Dates for 2010

20-23 October will see the latest Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) take place.  This four day event is one of the world’s top electronic music industry events and showcases some top electronic music labels and talent. ADE are expecting over 90,000 festival visitors and 2,200 conference exibitors.

Central topics in 2009 were the use of electronic music in games, movies and commercials, the endless opportunities with mobile phone applications and how to connect to your audience in an ever changing world. The program also included speakers such as Armin van Buuren, Carl Craig, Dave Clarke, François K, Jason Alexander, Jason Pook,  Junkie XL , Mark Jones (Wall of Sound), Mike Banks , Peter Hook and Richie Hawtin.

This years guests will include Paul van Dyk for a Q&A in the mainroom. Dutch hardstyle act Showtek will reveal there live performing secrets in the Interface Magazine Room. And be prepared for the annual Demolition panel hosted by DJ Dave Clarke for honest and sincere feedback on your track by a panel of professionals, this in co-operation with

There will also be a number of producers labs: a hands-on area containing a number of complete music production and live performance set-ups, each hosted by an industry expert. This tech geeks heaven is designed to give everyone the chance to get advice and inspiration for working with multiple modern music tools.

For more information:

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