Nice new live techno set from Enformig.

Nice new live techno set from Enformig.

Vollmaze Presents 45 Minutes of live Acid Techno

You tube user Vollmaze (also known as panic303) just put up this rather raw and intense acid session on his minimalist hardware setup (Korg ESX, X0XB0X, Microkorg, Kaoss pad 3).

I was quite impressed with the overall sound and flow and so thought I’d put it up. Pop by and give the dude a thumbs up or feedback.

Monkeys & Synths…Voltfestivalen Festival Viral Video

Monkeys & Synths…. So even a monkey can make dance music? Maybe not…. A ncie viral ad for the Voltfestivalen electronic music and arts festival.

Monkeys + Synthesizers is a project where 6 different spieces of monkeys (and some others) were given different synthesizers. Do monkeys like music and do they enjoy creating music?

Humans is the only species on earth that actually compose music. Most birds and some mammals make beautiful sounds, but primarily to scare others away — or to get laid. The project explores if other primates can make music.

In the 60s, the Chimpanzee Congo became famous when he painted abstract paintings that got pretty good reviews by art critics. He had a distinct style in some sort of abstract expressionistic tradition. He liked red a lot but didn’t he like blue. Today, some of his paintings are worth up to 20.000 €.

Since the synthesizers was invented, the musicians have been asked “Is this really making music? You just press a button and out comes music, right?” Well… you do press buttons, twist knobs and faders, but there are endless ways of doing this. That is why the synthesizer probably is the greatest musical instrument in history. A great example of human ingenuity and engineering — something that makes us different from the monkeys.
Dwarf Monkey (Callithrix pygmaea)
Habitat: The Upper Amazonas. Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, north Bolivia and west Brazil.
Length: 13 cm, tail 19 cm.
Weight: 120 — 150 g
Age: 5-10 years.
Diet: Tree gum, fruit, insects and spiders.
World’s smallest monkey
Bleeptronic 5000 (
64 LED button matrix synthesizer.
Origin: USA
Weight: 400 g
Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm.
Production year: 2010

Lion tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia rosalia)
Habitat: Close to river Sao Joao and in the Poco d´Anta nature reserve, south west of Rio de Janeiro.
Length: 34-40 cm, tail 26-38 cm
Weight: 630-710 g
Age: Up to 20 years
Diet: Fruit, flowers, insects, frogs, lizards and bird’s eggs.
One of world’s most rare monkeys.
TR-909 (Roland Corporation)
Analog, partially sample based drum machine
Origin: Japan
Dimensions: 48 x 10 x 30 cm
Weight: 4500 g
Production year: 1984

Hamadryas Baboon (Papio Hamadryas)
Habitat: North east Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.
Length: Max 76 cm, tail max 61 cm
Weight: Female 10-13 kg, male 17-25 kg.
Age: Up to 35 years
Diet: Grass, roots, fruit, seeds, insects, lizards and sometimes small mammals
Their red ass make them look sexy and also serves as a pillow
Casiotone CT-360 (Casio)
Incredibly crappy digital synthesizer
Origin: Japan
Dimensions: 59 x 24 x 9 cm
Weight: 4.2 kg
Production year: 1987

Ring Tailed Lemur (Lemur Catta)
Habitat: South west Madagaskar.
Length: 50 cm
Age: 25-30 years
Diet: 70% fruit, 30% leafs
Yamaha DX7 (Yamaha)
16 voice FM Digital Synthesizer
Origin: Japan
Dimensions: 101 x 10 x 33 cm
Weight: 14500 g
Production year: 1983
6 sine wave operators per voice, 32 Algorithms

Suricate (Suricata suricatta)
Habitat: Semi-deserts in southern Africa.
Length: 25 cm.
Weight: 900 g
Age: 10-15 years.
Diet: Insects, lizards, scorpions, small birds, eggs, rodents and other small mammals.
Suricates can survive bites from poisonous scorpions and snakes that would kill a human.
Mirage EPS16 (Ensonic)
Sampler Workstation
Origin: USA
Dimensions: 102 x 11 x 31 cm
Weight: 13000 g
Production year: 1988
8 note polyphonic, 8 bit, 32 khz sample rate, analog filters

Two-toed Sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni)
Habitat: Central America from Nicaragua and south to Venezuela, north east Brazil and nothern Peru.
Length: 58-70 cm.
Weight: 4-12 kg.
Age: 12 years, (up to 30 years in zoo).
Diet: Leaves, sprouts and fruit.
Sloths have the lowest and most varied body temperature of all mammals. It varies between 24° and 33°.
Yamaha SHS-10 (Yamaha)
Keytar FM synthesizer
Origin: Japan
Dimensions: 67 x 28 x 6 cm
Weight: 3.4 kg
Production year: 1987

Camera operators: Andreas Tilliander, Mats Almegård and Johan Östman. Concept by Håkan Lidbo.
Thanks to Bosse Johnsson and Jonas Wahlström at Skansenakvariet, Jörgen Berggren at Berggren Media, Jon Nensén and Daniel Sällstedt.

Voltfestivalen — The place to go to experience the best new electronic music and art
Skansenakvariet — The place to go to experience unique wildlife in Stockholm

Andy Garo and an old Groovebox

Came across this from you tube user AndyGaro1 while looking for gear tutorials. It just goes to show you don’t need a studio to make banging techno tracks, just an old groovebox and some goddamn talent. Pop by and give the man a thumsb up.

Detroit Techno Scene

Great video on the Detroit Techno Scene well worth checking out. Via Resident Advisor.

Real Scenes: Detroit from Resident Advisor.

You can’t talk about electronic music without mentioning Detroit. The city’s DJs and producers birthed the genre we now call techno. Detroit, however, has always had a creative streak, due in large part to the boom and subsequent bust of the auto industry. Quite simply, Detroit is a city of extremes, and its music reflects that. Detroit’s importance in the global electronic music scenes is often referred to in the past tense. With the recent emergence of Kyle Hall and other young Detroit producers, however, it’s clear that a spark remains. When we visited, we found a number of artists with their eyes (and ears) firmly set towards the future. After our time there, it’s clear that Detroit will endure and innovate for years to come.

Amon Tobin ‘ISAM’ Live Stage Setup.

Just saw this today and had to share. The live set stage setup for Amon Tobins new album ‘ISAM’ looks incredible.

Has anyone seen this live? Is it as impressive as it looks on video? Commet below please.

When the Synthesizer Came to the Village

A rather odd little bit of film, involving an elderly couple, potatoes and a synth…..we found it amusing though.

Classic Techno Tracks – Zeta Reticula – EP 2 (A1)

When DJ UMEK released released the Zeta Reticula EPs on Electrix Records back in 2000 they marked a sea change in where techno was going for many people, the whole series was received with almost universal acclaim and those who made many of the tracks of these heavily electro tinged EPs part of their set read like a who’s who list of techno superstar DJs. In the early naughties you could hear tracks from the Zeta Reticula Eps being played at everything from edgier more experimental house nights right through to freetekno acid raves out in the European countryside.

One of the most outstanding and recognisable tracks on the EPs was the untitled track A1 from EP2. An absolute classic in terms of its production, its structure and its influence on the techno scene at the time. It has a great mix of pounding but still subtle and evolving beats, a strong driving synthesiser line that pushes the track forward dragging the listener inexorably along with it and an interesting use of a minimalistic orchestral track that keeps the ears enjoying the track while never straying into pretentiousness. This track is still capable of making even jaded music fans ears prick up and go “Who the fuck is this? I want this track!”.

Soul train style dancing to No U F O s / Model 500

Saw this on you tube today and it had me smiling. How ahead of their time were the Detroit techno originators?

Year: 1985

Track: No UFOs
Artist: Model 500

Acid Techno Using a Small Doepfer Modular System

One for all the synthesis geeks out there, saw this and I had to post it. Some Acid Techno using a small Doepfer system as a kind of 606+303 combo by Daren Ager.

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