[EDLX] What can we expect from you in 2011? What have you been up to recently?

[FINKE] 2011 has been pretty good so far, gigs are strong and i’ve got some great little tours planned for Asia, Canada and South America for summer and the end of the year so very happy. We have just launched the long awaited “Chris Finke presents Atomic-Jam” podcast series which has been really well received. Releases I have on the way include 2 EP’s for Trapez (including some wicked remixes from Valmay, Justin Berkovi & DJ3000), and 3 other EP’s i’ve just literally finished which i have just found homes for so really excited about those. I’ve got remixes about to hit the shops for Orlando Voorn, DJ 3000, Mark Broom and Steve Mac, plus some newer artists on various labels as well, so keeping really busy in the studio!

[EDLX] What have been your best shows of the last 12 months?

[FINKE] Personally my favourite gig of the last year has to be my October at Fabric which was off the hook! That was the first time i really felt I “got it” in that place and got some serious love back from the crowd. The 3 dates I did in Japan were crazy as well, I really cant wait to go back later this year. Other than that, the 15th birthday of Atomic Jam was off the hook!

[EDLX] For people who don’t know you can you give them an idea of your production style?

[FINKE] I try not to to be too one-dimensional and make stuff that I want to play in my DJ sets and that I know will work on the dance floor. I tend not to follow patterns and make tracks that sound the same as I would get bored and that’s a pattern I follow with my DJ sets as well.

[EDLX] Do you have non-productive moments in the studio? Do you get writer’s block?

[FINKE] Haha yeah quite a lot. I tend to have bursts of inspiration where i get stuff done, and then periods where nothing happens. I’ve tried to do the 9-5 thing with production which works now and then, but I tend to do my best stuff when its not forced or i’m making it “because I have to”. I’m getting a lot better with it though and am working to a bit of a schedule which is new for me 😉

[EDLX] What are your favourite albums of all time?

[FINKE] Impossible to answer as I have soooo many favourites, but these just came into my head:

The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses & Second Coming

Led Zeppellin – Led Zepellin IV

The Beatles – The Best Of The Beatles (haha!)

Super Furry Animals – Fuzzy Logic & Radiator

The Libertines – The Libertines & Up The Bracket

Spiritulized – Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

[EDLX] What Track is your secret dance floor weapon?

[FINKE] Ive got so many edits and versions of tracks i’ve done that kill it that I keep for myself. I’d say one at the moment is a pumped up version of DVS1 “Running” which just never fails to do the job!

[EDLX] Who surprises you the most when you play with them? Who is pulling out records that you don’t know?

[FINKE] I find that I get surprised so very little these days, you tend to know what you are going to get a lot more then you used to as people stick to “their sound” so much which is a shame. There are so many copycat DJs and producers out there who need to start doing their own thing. Each and every time i hear Speedy J and James Ruskin play they both nail it without question so i guess i’d have to say they are the boys! A few weeks ago I played after Jeff Mills who really really surprised me, he was so on it with track selection compared to the last few times I saw him, it was great to see!!

[EDLX] What music do you listen to when you are not in a club?

[FINKE] I tend to not listen to much modern dance music too much out of a club or studio situation, i’m really into rock, indie, old pop, classics and that sort of thing.

[EDLX] Can you give us your electric deluxe top five tracks?

[FINKE] (In no order)
Tommy Four Seven – Surma
Speedy J & Chris Liebing – Maggie
Terrence Fixmer – Drastik (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
Audio Injection – Operation A – (Speedy J Remix)
Echologist – Connect EP

[EDLX] What can everyone expect from your DJ sets?

[FINKE] I try and approach things from a slightly different way to a lot of DJs. I really like to surprise people (and myself) and dont stick to one sound the whole set. Along with new material I play lots of my own edits of old techno stuff that 99% people just wont know is old or have hear before and mix it up with. I try and play with a sense of humour make it fun. I can rave it up or play deep and moody, its all the same to me. At the end of the day your job is to make people move, react and above all have fun so that what i try and do….

[EDLX] Can you tell us a bit about your mix for the Electric Deluxe podcast

[FINKE] This is a mix i have been wanting to do for a long time in some form or another so the ED podcast series is the perfect platform for it. Its a mix of some of my favourite DJ tracks and covers ambient, classical, deep house, techno, electro, disco, broken beats, house, nu wave, acid house, dub and more. I really wanted to mix it up and make do proper DJ set that would make people smile and listen to again and again and not get bored. It could have been a lot longer but 2 hours is about right for the first part 😉

Electric Deluxe Podcast 046 Chris Finke by electric deluxe

Electric Deluxe Podcast 046 Chris Finke by electric deluxe


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