Released first as the B side track on the Red 3 12″ via both Deconstruction and ReLoad records and later on Clarkes first album Archive One this track was an underground smash from day one, it’s simplicity, heavy pounding kickdrum, reversed and slowly building synth line and the dark vocals supplied courtesy of an extract from a 1500s text by Francois Rabelais made it an unusual track at the time, even now we can see many of the tracks aspects (Especially the vocal track) were ahead of its time and still influential today.

Though this track my not be the most instantly dancefloor friendly of those on the Archive One album there is something in this track that grows inside of you and never leaves, it is by turns minimal, dark, foreboding, pounding and in the final analysis has a strong emotionally effecting core. The lyrics are on the surface just a reading from an old text but they have been selected well and can be seen almost as a clarion call to all “warriors” to go forth and fight for the music and scene they love. Perhaps this is too heavy a reading but I always feel the weight of this on me when I listen to this track and my enjoyment is enhanced by it.

Francois Rabelais to the Soul of the Deceased Queen of Navarre

Abstracted soul, ravished with ecstasies,
Gone back, and now familiar in the skies,
Thy former host, thy body, leaving quite,
Which to obey thee always took delight,–
Obsequious, ready,–now from motion free,
Senseless, and as it were in apathy,
Wouldst thou not issue forth for a short space,
From that divine, eternal, heavenly place,
To see the third part, in this earthy cell,
Of the brave acts of good Pantagruel?