Arne Weinberg – Equus by the EP, Stargazing (Abstract Forms 2008) | Detroit | – | Berlin |

Bio: Arne Weinberg Taken. . . Born 1973 and raised in southern Germany, Arne was influenced as a young child by his mother and their diverse musical interests. After several trips to various music styles such as Death Metal and Hip Hop in his teenage years, Arne finally discovered Techno music at the age of 21.

Since that time he got the techno bug, and soon started to DJ. After exercising his turntable skills at home, he became a resident DJ at Club Depot in Tübingen, where he played at monthly party events for five years. There he met with artists such as Oliver Kapp, Fabrice Lig, Shake, Pacou, and many others, and developed his passion for the deeper sounds of techno music, especially the Detroit style.

In 2000, Arne decided his first attempts at producing deep melodic techno itself tarmed only with some real old school gear he started his first real work and soon got a record deal with the label Frankfurt propaganda. His first record was by colonnades EP released in early 2001 and won some good response as always charted by Laurent Garnier. Becoming much more influenced by deep electronic music, Arne began building his studio and his own musical style.