Saturday 20th March 2010
9.30pm – 6am
Q Club
Corporation Street

atomic jam return to the Q Club for one of only two planned spectacular shows at this venue in 2010.

main arena
FREQUENCY 7 – Ben Sims & Surgeon

room 2: drum & bass – Breakthru & Grindhouse

room 3: Electro, UK-Bass, Ravebeats / Resonant Alliance
The RA collective unite for further sonic experimentation and we’re very excited to welcome, from The Hague in Holland, Mr Pauli and DJ Overdose. Two legends of the Dutch electro scene, with links to I-F and releases on the seminal labels Viewlexx, Murder Capital and Bunker, the pair will be performing live followed by DJ Overdose dropping an old-skool electro set. Do not miss!
NOVAMEN live (Mr Pauli + DJ Overdose)
Peter Mangalore (Human Shield)
See The Road (DJ set)
Mazzula (Data Trace)
Joel Attack + Wanton Beast (Electrode / Subvert)
Mark Allen + Matt Hinton (Noodle)
visual stimulation by On-Site Collective

One of Britain’s true electronic music and techno pioneers, with a career that has spanned 20 years and counting, Luke Slater is a national treasure. Releasing tracks under various monikers since1989 on labels such as DJax, GPR, Peacefrog and NovaMute. Slater’s trajectory through the early to mid nineties electronic music scene was at very least staggeringly prolific and a lot of the times utterly majestic. Especially his Planetary Assault Systems alias that became a sound that had gone into heads and hearts of the dance scene and as a result became a milestone in UK techno history.
Equally revered as taste maker and remix artist, Luke has released a mix for the Fabric DJ-mix series and has reinvented innumerable tracks in remixes from artists like Depeche Mode & Ken Ishii to more recent remixes for the likes of Radial, James Ruskin & Soul Designer.
In 2006 Luke set up his label Mote-Evolver, releasing limited 12″ records for discerning collectors and digital downloads through the Mote-Evolver and N.E.W.S. websites. Running his own label gives him the chance to release music of artists who often peak in his personal charts topping the releases with his own remixes. Regular appearances at legendary clubs such as Berghain Berlin, Fabric London, Nitsa Barcelona and clubs and festivals all over the world he delivers energetic sets to sold out crowds which retain his star status today as a live performer, producer, remixer and of course a DJ. 2009 saw the release of the new and much awaited Planetary Assault Systems Album on Ostgut Ton in Berlin. Again changing the Techno landscape to much praise from fans and industry alike.

A soundclash of styles from two mixmasters, Ben Sims Vs Surgeon.
Both undisputed leaders in their chosen musical disciplines, now performing together to create something truly fresh! They create a uniquely improvised experience fromcombining elements of techno, funk, dub, house, hip hop, disco, Industrial etc. and utilizing turntables, CD decks, FX and all the latest Hardware/ Software technology. Taking its name from the highly influential track Frequency 7 by 80´s electro pop outfit ‘Visage’, a futuristic electronic funk classic that was an inspiration for producers on both sides of the Atlantic, the project was road tested in a series of secret gigs and audiences knew that they were at the birth of something special. Over the past few years, Surgeon and Ben Sims have been working hard on the Frequency 7 project. From it’s humble beginnings at studio practice sessions and secret gigs, on to shows at clubs and festivals where the pair felt happy to try something new and experiment, embrace their individual styles and techniques, yet creating something very different in the process.

Trying to describe Redshape’s sound is kind of a hard task, sitting somewhere between everything in dance music and Redshape’s very own imagination. It’s not minimal, not maximal and always historical respecting the vibe of Detroit.
Resident Advisor’s Pete Chambers once said “The future of the past never sounded more contemporary.” which perfectly sums up Redshape’s musical vision. Repetition is something Redshape works hard to prevent, so his live shows – which brought him to nearly every known European club and numerous festivals – morph and develop everytime to never play the same show a second time.
His new album “The Dance Paradox” was released on Delsin on October 12th, 2009. This and the pre-released single “2010” have already had a load great feedback and reviews from the press and the people.

Our resident Chris Finke had a great year in 2009. Aside from pushing
things forward at the Jam, he toured all over the world, and had his
big break through in the studio with the critically acclaimed “Riot
House EP”. 2010 sees him on fire in the studio as well, with a string
of releases lined up, including remixes of his tracks by Planetary
Assault Systems, Mark Broom, Kyle Geiger and Ortin Cam. Chris is
closing the night with an extra special set to mark the end of an
extraordinary era for Atomic Jam.
Mark Broom had a very productive and rewarding 2009 which is set to
continue into 2010. Last year saw hot releases on labels such as
Saved, 2020, material, Memo, Flux, Edit Select and his own Beard Man.
The Broom production factory is in full swing for 2010 so keep your
eyes peeled for collabs with James Ruskin, Dustin Zahn, tracks on EditSelect and Saved plus remixes for Dubfire, Dj 3000 and Sleaze Records.We are pleased to have Mark on board once again as his set with Chris Finke at the last Jam has been much talked about!