Terence Fixmers Comedy of Menace has been announced for release on Jochem Papps Electric Deluxe label.

‘Comedy of Menace’ is Fixmers fourth Album. He already released two solo albums on DJ Hell’s Gigolo, the seminal “Muscle Machine” helped creat a masterful fusion between old style industrial/EBM music and techno (perhaps “Techno Body Music”?) As many will know Fixmer to this day has a side project Douglas McCarthy the legendary voice of seminal EBM band Nitzer Ebb (The Between The Devil album is a great chunk of dark aggressive techno tinged industrial). Terences third album, “Fiction Fiction” released on his own ‘Planete Rouge’ imprint in 2009 and veered far more towards deep ambience, emotive and cinematic by turns.

How does he get such dirty sounds from such clean machines?

How does he get such dirty sounds from such clean machines?

With ‘Comedy Of Menace’ Terence Fixmer has moved forwards towards a true blending of what he has learned from his previous projects, it has a pervading deep and dark atmosphere taking elements of minimal and the old school detroit sound and mashing it up with a more aggressive edge. This album is not for those who need it mellow and easy on the ears, but if you can stand your beats and sounds with a more aggressively sculpted edge then this is a tour de force we will be listening to a lot over the next few months.

As Fixmer explains: “I wanted that people can feel a soul, a story, and the sound of every track to open up the imagination of the listener, creating images in their minds… Its an art and a passion, my heart is bumping for electronic sounds. I love when the music is really coming from the heart of the machine, when the sound is pure and raw. Comedy of Menace suggests that although they are funny, they are also frightening or menacing in a vague and undefined way. Even as they laugh, the audience are unsettled, ill at ease and uncomfortable.”

I eagerly await Terences next appearance as a guest on the Electric Deluxe podcast as he never disappoints.

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Track List

01 Dark Line
02 Things are Over
03 Impakt
04 Drastik
05 Phantoms
06 Breathless
07 My Experimentation
08 Alert
09 Dance Like Paranoid
10 Last Heroes