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Agt Rave Cru – New Dogs, Old Tricks Mix

On the run up to christmas I thought I crank out my favourite old school rave & techno mix of recent months!

Techno, Acid & Rave – old skool styles, but all new tracks released in the last year or two.

Recorded live in one take, PC laptop + Ableton + UC33 midi controller. Respect to all the artists for keeping the vibe alive
Most of these tracks are available to buy legally from online shops like Juno Download, Beatport, Bleep, etc. Piracy is for twats, always support independent music whenever you can!


Blawan – What You Do With What You Have
The Hacker – Bass 4
KiNK – Rave Signal
Apollo of Minneapolis – Telstar
Snuff Crew – Rumble 303
Tom Laws – Twisted Cabaret
Barrow Boy – Genesis
Ben Sims feat. DJ Rush – Beat The Box
Erol Alkan – Roland Rat (LFO Remix)
Lone – Pineapple Crush
Tachini – Ongeloof
KiNK – Yako
Machinedrum – DDD
Cassergrain / Tin Man – Sear
Dead Sound & Videohead – Pay Your Due
Neil Landstrumm – Night Train
The Hacker – Shockwave (Mark Archer Remix)
Schoco – Jungo
Doctor Jeep – Freak U
HATE – Bad Organs
Colombo – Deja Vu
Radiokillaz – Skyscraper
Cyantific – Streets of Rave
Human Resource – Dominator (AGT Rave Cru Unofficial Remix)

RITMIKA presents TECH:DRIVE with Makaton, Voidloss, Casual Violence, Systemic, Siege

TECH:DRIVE @ IMW with Makaton, Voidloss, Casual Violence, Systemic, Siege


7 Torrens Street / Angel / London / EC1V 1NQ

…£6 with flyer or before midnight – £8 otherwise

L I V E ::
MAKATON [Rodz-Konez]
VOIDLOSS [Singularity Recordings]

D J S ::
SYSTEMIC [Duality]
SIEGE [Detatched]
Beyond cheap tricks and fancy concepts TECH:DRIVE is a straightforward platform for an unspoilt techno expression.

Keeping a distance from the trendy club culture where dancefloor has long lost it’s purpose TECH:DRIVE is powered by a simple intention of putting the music and the dance back on the forefront.

TECH:DRIVE aims to provide an environment where techno artists can directly connect to the audience while performing in an integral fashion free from the predefined expectations they are invariably facing in an average nightclub.

TECH:DRIVE testing grounds will be the legendary Islington Metal Works (otherwise known as Slimelight and Electrowerkz) which is an atmospheric warehouse space just behind the Angel tube station.

[Rodz-Konez / Token / RSB / House Of God]

Birmingham born Makaton has greatly contributed to the city’s reputation of the industrial techno stronghold. Starting with 1999 Makaton’s own label Rodz-Konez has been serving as the sole outlet for his one-of-the-kind sound apart from a couple of recent releases put out by Token and RSB. Although Makaton’s music can generally be described as dark and industrial there’s a lot of variety and progression to be heard throughout his releases as it’s all about pushing foward for the man. Having no interest in DJing Makaton is known for his expressive live sets with a heavy peak hour dancefloor appeal.

[Singularity Recordings / DirtyBass Records / DirtyBass Grooves]

Voidloss is the name given to the main musical output of a multi-faceted artist with a long and diverse music history starting with industrial bands in the early nineties, through to becoming a key player within the infamous United Systems free party network in the UK’s rave/warehouse scene during, and eventually forming the commercially successful international hit label DirtyBass Records, as well as a studio providing mastering services, production and live PA tutoring.

Abandoning the easy commercial path and returning to the underground Voidloss is the deeper, darker side to the artist infusing cinematic musicality with an unbridled approach to the strangely compelling occult arena always looking to incorporate new sounds and genres into the creative process and focus it through the eyes of techno. The project has garnered acclaim with his own imprint Singularity Recordings as well as releases on Surface Recordings, Dynamic Reflection, Labyrinth, Subsist, Hard Signal and more.

Voidloss’ live PA combines an endless changing pallette of sounds, rhythmic structures and soundscapes into emotionally charged techno imagery providing something more than just a mix of beats. You can expect an explorative and ritualistic journey for the mind as well as the feet.

[Aftertaste Recordings / Singularity Recordings / Detatched / Rodz-Konez]

Manchester’s native Casual Violence is steadily gaining a reputation for his organically deep, hypnotic and emotionally dark techno based music. Never 100% aimed at the dancefloor but rather focused on subtle and gradual build-up of rhythmic energies, textures and atmospheres his productions and live sets require a degree of time and thought from the listener.

Using turntables for over 15 years Casual’s mixing is tight and solid and while track selection is generally more dancefloor-friendly than his live sets it still stays much on the deeper side of electronic music. He is currently holding DJ residencies at the UK’s much respected techno club Detatched as well as Hemlock Nights over in Amsterdam.

Production-wise Casual Violence is working on a new material for his own forthcoming vinyl imprint Self and is a regular on both UK’s digital Singularity Recordings and Dutch Aftertaste Recordings where his full debut EP “Why So Few” was well received. Other notable releases of late include the Blackhaus EP on Detatched and his recent remix of Inigo Kennedy’s “China Rising” on Rodz-Konez.

[Duality / Labrynth / Jactation Records / Detatched]

Systemic’s first experiences of electronic music were provided by the legendary Orbit club in Morley where he would religiously spend every possible weekend absorbing the frequencies of the world’s finest techno and electro artists inspiring him to master the art of DJing. He soon started to receive his first bookings going on to win a DJ competition that secured sets at events around the country. Having already studied music from a young age Systemic proceeded with obtaining a degree in Music Technology & Audio Systems.

With both being regulars at the Eastern Bloc Records shop in Manchester Systemic’s music found its way to Martin Wareham resulting in a series of successful EPs on Jactation Records during 2006-2008. Gradually Systemic started to release on various other labels including the Portuguese imprint Labrynth run by Michaelangelo with his tracks being remixed by the likes of Phase, Paul Mac, Paul Damage and Sir Real. Finally 2009 marks the establishment of Duality – a platform for Systemic’s own output alongside talented and cutting edge artists from around the world.

[Detatched / Ante-Rasa / Limetree]

Since breaking into the UK rave scene in 2001 Calvin Whittaker aka Siege been playing all over the country and has established himself as a DJ with creative and ultra tight mixing style. Just like both of his mates Systemic and Cas Vio he is also a resident of the UK’s finest techno night Detatched.

Sieges has also been into production side of things for the last 5 years and has recently started to put out his own releases. Having a wide range of influences Siege favours an experimental approach to his productions often blending the elements of various styles and sub genres while retaining a firm dancefloor appeal. Siege also records and performs under the name Solitude Suite alongside Casual Violence.

Techno Music: The Effort Of The Musician

Techno is an electronic dance music that mostly uses sound effects, synthetic sound with fast beats and was quite popular during the 1980’s. This music was immensely popular in places like Detroit and Michigan in United States. The credit for creating this techno music goes to D.J.Ben Russell of Detroit radio. He was inspired by European electro-pop and under laid dreamy synthesizer melodies with rapid electronic rhythms. Techno music was huge popular in Detroit radio and after attaining success in radio this music made its impact on other places and by the year 1980’s it became world wide popular. Techno exists in many styles but Detroit techno is considered as the foundation upon which various subgenres have been built. By the mid-1990s, techno had split into myriad subgenres, the most important being trance music.

Techno music is purely electronic and it is mostly intended for dance. This music is the perfect blend of the classic German electronic sound and the urban American music. This music emphasizes more on the beats of the instruments and machine sound of drum, synthesizers and other instruments and makes excellent background music. Techno music is also used as production music for progressive films or television programs, which has to highlight present busy culture. Techno music is the outcome of the musician efforts and the music equipment used in its creation. This popular techno music was introduced to related genres of music making it globally recognized by the 1990’s.

Techno music can be develop and created in several ways and compositional technique is one way by which this music is created and developed. This music is created in a manner so that it compliments the instruments that are being used. Techno music can not be created by the traditional methods of music making. Brilliantly mixed pattern of different types of music and instruments assures the most soothing and effective techno music that is hugely popular. The instruments used in the creating of techno music should be cautiously made and wired since the quality of the techno music heavily relies on the used instruments. If the quality of the instruments is not up to the standard then it will definitely harm the quality of the techno music ad also its popularity.

Techno music grew and developed globally from Detroit. Originally the techno music was developed and created by musicians using cheap electronic items and it they mostly create the music of their choice. So initially when it was played in the radio stations it was conceives as party music, but gradually the music developed in its own genre worldwide. School clubs such as Hardware, Beats, Snobbs, Weekends, Brats, Rumors and comrades contributed in their own manner to popularize techno music worldwide. This music is created in a manner so that it suits the instruments that are being used.

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